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7 highlights from our trip to Squamish

It was a gorgeous, clear morning up in the sky and on the open road as we headed for Squamish. “Did you really need to take four pairs of shoes, three purses and all those clothes,” teased Jason. “You know we’re only going for two nights,... read more

Surviving colic

By Hannah Sutherland This is not how it was supposed to be. It’s what I kept thinking as I rocked my month-old daughter under the hood fan in the kitchen, rhythmically patting her back with one hand and holding a noise machine to her ear with the other. She... read more

For the love of TV

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the amount of TV that I seem to have fallen in the routine of watching. I’m a big sports fan — football and hockey, mostly.  BC Lions and Seattle Seahawks, exciting stuff.  My grandfather taught me all about football as a... read more



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