3 places to find Shopkins in the Fraser Valley

Are your kids as OBSESSED with Shopkins like my girls?

I swear that every second word uttered out of their pretty little mouths is Shopkins these days.

And to be honest, Jason and I are kinda crazy about these super cute, super tiny, grocery-themed characters too.

For starters, they appeal to young girls (and their parents with its low price points), which range from $5 to $25. And with over 140 unique characters, such as Apple Blossom, Pa’Pizza and the Limited Edition, Cupcake Queen, they inspire hours of imagination play.

Jason and I get just as excited to see them open the little sealed yellow bags to see which new addition they have for their collection. But, I do have to warn you — there’s definitely a negative side to this trend. In addition to being super addictive, these cute little guys can be super tough to get your hands on, leaving many parents on a mad scavenger hunt just to find them.

A couple have gone missing this past week — finger’s crossed they aren’t hiding in Tucker’s bowels.

If you are lucky to come across the little plastic baskets, you have to act fast. As soon as they arrive in most stores, they’re often sold out within 24 hours.

But don’t worry, I’ve been doing a little digging and have discovered the top 3 places to find Shopkins in the Fraser Valley.


shopkins 2


I had zero clue that this store, located inside the Willowbrook Shopping Centre (across from PayLess Shoes), is a popular hot spot for Shopkins. Molly and Zoe were in Shopkin Heaven today when we discovered there’s a whole wall filled with these little figurines, including sets of all sizes, collector’s books and plush versions of these toys.

The Central City Location in Surrey and Seven Oaks Shopping Centre in Abbotsford carry Shopkins as well!


showcase pic

In fact, there’s going to be a Shopkins Trading Event this Saturday (April 4, 2015) at the Willowbrook Shopping Centre location from 1-4 p.m.. Bring all your doubles and trade with other kids. *Pick up a Shopkins Colouring Sheet in store and return it by April 4 for a chance to win Shopkins prizes!


2. MasterMind Toys

This amazing toy store in Langley is where we first discovered Shopkins.

“These are what we’re talking about mum,” said Molly, who had been begging me for them since August.

We had zero clue what she was talking about and hoped she’d forget when Christmas rolled around. If your mission is Shopkins, make sure you call the store ahead of time. Often, they’re sold out and we end up with two disappointed wee Valley girls. It’s not the most fun drive home, let me tell ya!


3. Toys R Us

While I’ve never seen them at Toys R Us, word on the street is they do in fact carry them. You just have to get there as soon as they arrive or have some sort of magical telekinetic Shopkins power.


And there you have it Valleyites, 3 places to find Shopkins in the Fraser Valley. If there’s a location I’ve missed, please let me know below!


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