3 Things Thursday ~ Memorable Movie Moms

Forget male strippers with 6-pack abs or young brazen female comedians who make us pee our pants during fits of laughter, some of the most memorable movie rolls over the years have been reserved for moms.

There’s nothing quite like the maternal bond of mother and child, but it’s not always the most traditional familial relationships that entertain us on the big or small screen.

In this edition of 3 Things Thursday, we’re celebrating 3 Hollywood moms who have made us laugh, cry and want to run to our own moms and thank them for being normal(ish).



1.Mrs. Flax ~ Mermaids

If you are female and was born in the 80’s, you’ve probably seen this movie about a billion times.  Rachel Flax is Jewish single mother of two, played by the one and only Cher. Mrs Flax loves to smoke, wear tight-fitting clothing and prepare party food, such as marshmallow kabobs.

It’s obvious she loves her two children but doesn’t express it in the traditional sense.  She’s one of those moms you love to hate, but still have a soft spot for.

Here’s one of my favourite scenes from the movie:


Rachel Flax: And do what?


Rachel Flax: GREAT START! What’s your major, Town Tramp?


[Rachel slaps her]

condom mom


2. Mrs. George~  Mean Girls

Before having kids of my own, I always joked that I wanted to be just like Regina George’s mom in the movie Mean Girls. Why? Well, because she’s “not like a regular mom, she is a cool mom” — one with a  banging body, who isn’t opposed to an afternoon cocktail. Heck, I’d love to be besties with this mom.

Of course, this was way back when it was fashionable to wear a Pepto Bismo- pink velour track suit with the word Juicy sprawled across your butt.


mom dear


3. Joan Crawford ~ Mommy Dearest

Molly and I watched Mommy Dearest on Netflix Saturday night. It’s probably not the most age-appropriate show, but she  LOVED it as much as I did at her age.

I think it also made her appreciate the fact that I don’t A. Give away her birthday presents; B Make her sit at the dinner table for 8 hours until she finishes her rare steak; and C. Chase her around the house with bulging eyes, screaming “NO WIRE HANGERS MOLLY!!”

This cult classic stars Faye Dunaway, who plays the role of the legendary Hollywood starlet Joan Crawford. It came out in 1981 — the same year I was born, and is one of my all-time favourite movies.

If you’re having one of those weeks where you feel like a terrible mother, I suggest  you pour yourself a glass of wine and  turn on this flick to feel much better about your parental prowess.

And there you have it, 3 of my favourite Hollywood moms to grace the big screen. Is yours on the list? If not, tell us your top 3 in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out what these three ladies below are up to for 3 Things Thursday: love laugh mirch, pink chai living & the write balance.





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