6 signs you’re addicted to Bidding Wars

I hate to admit it, but it’s time that I fess up.

I, Kristyl, am a Bidding Wars addict. Okay, it feels so good to finally let that out.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Bidding Wars is a Facebook group that allows you to sell or bid on items in a 24/hour span in 50 cent increments.

I’m not sure who’s the one that started the group, but there are now several — they’re also so handy for us parents on a tight budget who could benefit from buying everything from furniture, clothes and home decor to baby toys and kitchen gadgets for dirt cheap. It’s also a great way to to get rid of a clutter and make a little pocket money.

I began dabbling with it around a year ago and was ecstatic to outbid 20 women on a massive clothing lot with over 30 pieces. The bag contained designer jeans, around 12 tops and sweaters, skirts, dresses, blazers, jackets — all in pretty good, if not, mint, condition.

For all that loot, I paid a whopping $27 dollars — not too shabby, eh?

After that transaction, I was hooked.

Instead of keeping up with friends on Facebook, I’d troll through the Bidding Wars site — at least half a dozen times a day — trying to score my next big hit. The adrenaline high that comes down to that last minute of finding out whether you’ve won is like no other. Trust me, it’s pretty intense!

Next, it was time to get to second Bidding Wars Base – I went through my own closet and gathered pieces that I no longer wanted or needed and placed the minimum starting bid online of $7.

I gathered about 20 pieces that were too small or no longer my style and put the lot online. I was literally giddy as I watched strangers bid on my ‘junk’ — even more excited to see it sell for $17.

The awkward part was when the entire lot was put back online for sale the very next day. I felt embarrassed that the woman didn’t like my clothes.

Six months later, I bid on a beautiful brown jacket — turns out it was from the same women who bought and sold my lot. I was afraid to make eye contact as I made the transaction. Truth be told, I don’t think she remembered me.

While it’s just $30 here, $10 there, one’s spending on Bidding Wars can tally up — fast!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the page  by any means because I fricken LOVE it. However, I do want to share these 6 warning signs you may be a Bidding Wars addict like yours truly. Ready? Here we go!

1. You Know You’re all About the Bid, About the Bid, No Treble

Forget reading about your friend’s Facebook status about their upcoming nuptials or liking photos of your nephew’s birthday party, that online social site is now there for one reason and one reason only — to show you the goods.

Rather than spend hours at a a thrift store, hitting up garage sales or the mall for the latest deals, you can shop from the comfort of your own home in your pj’s while drinking cheap Chardonnay.

Heck, you don’t even need a sitter. But don’t forget to check every 20 minutes, there could be a new lot of sweaters in your size or a picture that would look amazing on your living room wall. You might also get outbid, so keep that iPhone handy.

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2. You’ve Become a Profile Snooper

When purchasing second-hand goods from someone, do you ever stop to wonder who exactly this person is that’s giving it up? With the click of a mouse you may be able to find out whether they are clean people, stylish… whether their intent is to kidnap you and throw you into a human trafficking ring when you show up at their front doorstep to buy those shoes in EUC (excellent used condition).

Sometimes, it just takes a quick snoop of their profile –that is if they haven’t figured out security settings and let’s be honest, most of us haven’t. I know I like to look and see if they’ve recently worn the garments I’ve place a bid on. Sure, they might look good folded neatly on their bed, but what does that sheer blouse actually look like on?

3. You’re Up on Your Bidding Wars Lingo

When I first became a user, I wasn’t up to par on all the Bidding Wars lingo. Acronyms like EUC (Excellent Used Condition), GUC (Good used Condition), SB (Starting Bid) NS (Non Smoking home) PT (Pet Friendly Home) were all foreign to me — It’s now a language I speak quite well. In fact, I fear it will be written on my tombstone.


4. The Drama Intrigues You

As a Bidding Wars veteran, you’ve probably come across some drama here and there regarding bids — after all, they don’t call it Bidding ‘Wars’ for nothing. Right?

There are those super naughty peeps who intentionally up a bid to help a friend make more money — that’s a huge no no. If you get caught doing that, you’re kicked off the page for good.

There’s also those who bid and then once they’ve won decided they no longer have use for the item. When these things do happen, there can be some snarky comments and cat fights. Who needs Housewives of Beverley Hills when there’s the ‘housewives of the Fraser Valley going at it over a $3 vase? Okay, this doesn’t actually happen all that often, but when it does, you know you’re there creepin’ to see how it all goes down.


5. You Can’t Stop Looking for ‘Junk’ to Sell

Sure, you just received that sweater as a Christmas gift from your grandmother, but you’re certain you could make some serious coin if you posted it. There’s also that mountain of baby clothes that’s begging to be sold and the almost expired case of Chef Boyardee from Costco that’s just sitting there taking up precious cupboard real estate. And just think, with all that money you make, you can buy MORE used stuff!

6. Chasing that big high

There’s no high like the very first time. I’m talking about that heart-pumping shot of adrenaline that courses through your veins in the last few seconds of a 24/hour bid. Even if you didn’t really want whatever it was you were bidding on in the first place, you’re just so excited you’ve won. Soon, you’ll find yourself bidding on all kinds of stuff you don’t need or want for that matter, but who cares, right? You could always resell it!


And there you have it Valleyties, six signs you’re a Bidding Wars addict. Now if you have all six signs, there’s no reason to panic. Perhaps try to limit your bidding to once a week so you don’t find yourself being featured on the next episode of Hoarders. Heck, you know what they say — one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Forget the rules and happy hunting!


Let’s hear from YOU now. Do you use Bidding Wars or any online bidding site? If so, which one is your fave and why? Don’t forget to Bump 😉


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