Forever Yours Lingerie brings sexy back to the suburbs

 Take one important cause, throw in some beautiful models of all sizes sporting lingerie, and pepper in big-top entertainment. Mix it all together for a racy recipe — one that’s a tantalizing feast for all the senses.

Cascades Casino Resort was the place to be and the place to be seen on Friday evening, proving you don’t always have to cross the bridge for ‘big city’ entertainment.



carnival 5

Men and women of all ages filled the convention centre for Forever Yours Lingerie’s second annual lingerie fashion show — an event benefiting their Supportive Start campaign.

Alongside the ‘cheeky’ fashion show, the carnival-themed evening featured a live band, burlesque dancers, circus acts, dessert buffet and adult carnival games.

Forever Yours Lingerie Owners Sonya and Brian Perkins, their team of staff and over 100 volunteers poured their hearts and souls into the show, which was a year in the making — quite literally.

“We met up as soon as our last show was done and started thinking about the next theme,” she said.


Optimized-carnival 4



“Then it’s time to figure out costumes… we spent about eight months making them and sourcing supplies. There’s a lot of stuff you can’t find unless it’s around Halloween or Christmas. Where are you going to buy a sparkly lumberjack axe in April?”

The stuff that can’t be purchased is made from scratch, notes Perkins.

“I don’t sew but if it can be done with sparkles, staples and a glue gun, I’ll do it!



Most of the accessories and props used during the show were made by hand, including the crocheted Popsicle.


Fortunately, she has  three women on staff who are incredible sewers. Perkins has also been known to enlist…err, plead for help from her  mother, who is known to make one cool Popsicle, no freezing required.

“When I came to her and said I need 15 crocheted ice cream cones, a Popsicle and bananas split, she thought I was crazy. But she did it.”

Perkins admits there’s no way she could pull off such a big event without all the many helping hands.




“The big fireworks skirt that was onstage was sewed by a staff and another two hand painted fireworks all over it. It’s  very special when you see something  on the runaway and you know all our hands have touched it.”

For the mother-of-two, the annual event has become her third baby.

“I felt like a proud mom,” she laughed.

And with the inaugural event being such a hit, Perkins admits she worried topping it this time around would be an impossible feat. However, the fearless and creative Langley business owner was up for the challenge.

“I thought we put on an amazing show last year, but our goal was to top it… to make it more interactive and fun…more of a city type of event. Those really are lacking in Langley, but i think we did it. Now the problem is how to top it the next year?  It’s our 20th anniversary, so it’s going to be a big one. Of course, I  already have  a theme in my head but it’s a secret!”



Pin-up model Elly Mayday (at right) returns to the stage to support FYL’s Supportive Start campaign.


Plus-sized pin-up model Elly Mayday, who calls herself “the curvy Canadian,” returned for the second year to support the cause, and lit up the stage with her larger than life personality and famous smile.

“I always have a fabulous time working with my friends Sonya and Brian the owners of FYL — we have been through a lot together and I support them like they have me,” said Mayday, who has been battling a rare form of ovarian cancer since she was 25.

“Raising money for something so overlooked such as clean, proper undergarments is a great way to give back to society. Having a fun-filled night of lingerie and entertainment and glitter well that was just the cherry on top.”

While it was still too early for a grand total, Perkins says that around $1,500 was raised just from the carnival games alone.

Every cent raised will go towards FYL’s new charitable initiative,  Supportive Start.

Developed to help fill a need for women who face barriers in accessing properly fit bras, Supportive Start  facilitates the donation of quality bras, panties, and toiletries to women in need across the Lower Mainland, through no-charge bra fit clinics.

Over the years,  Perkins noticed the need for undergarment donations for women.

“We receive requests through the store from local agencies expressing a need for clean, like-new bras,” she said.

“It’s really a matter of being comfortable about yourself, which is a luxury for some women.  You could be a recovering drug addict whose weight is fluctuating all the time… you can’t always afford to buy new bras every time your weight changes.  And if you’re a woman trying to get into the workforce and go for a job interview, you need a good bra.”

Forever Yours Lingerie was founded by Sonya Perkins and born out of the frustration to find fashion-forward, contemporary bras, lingerie and swimwear for the curvy woman. With unique brands sourced from across Canada, the United States, and Europe, their knowledgeable team of fit-specialists will allow you to have fun with foundation-wear fashions regardless of your size. To learn more visit foreveryourslingerie.ca 


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