Buh-Bye Brow Pencil: Win Microblading for Mom

It was around eight years ago, before microblading became the hottest beauty trend, that my mom decided to go under the needle for eyebrow tattooing. Like many women out there, myself included, she had over-plucked her brows throughout the years — unfortunately, they never really grew back.

While the eyebrow tattooing looked great at the time, the pigment has long-since faded, leaving two solid eyebrow shapes, which meant still having to pencil in her brows.

But not anymore.

As an early Mother’s Day present, I brought my mom to see Adelle Young over at Bee Pampered in Fort Langley so that she could bring her brows back to life with a microblading session.

Bee Pampered

“Kristyl, are you serious?” she asked when I picked her up and surprised her with the big news. “I have been dying to try that ever since you had yours done there. I want mine to look just like yours!” (Read about my experience).

My mom was so excited, and so was I. Having had it done myself last summer, I know first-hand how much wonderful it is to wake up each morning with perfect brows, and to not have to fuss with brow pencils anymore.

Unlike traditional eyebrow tattooing which is a process of implanting pigment into the eyebrow with a handpick machine to create a solid eyebrow shape, microblading, also known as feathering, is involves drawing thin 3D hair strokes, around 1 mm, under the skin’s surface, using a specially designed tool and all-natural pigment.

The latter is temporary, so it’s not as scary as a traditional tattoo. It’s also far more natural looking.  The procedure, which costs $600 at Bee Pampered, including a touch-up, lasts up to 18 months.

While I found the pain factor to be around a 6.5 out of 10, everyone is different.

“This doesn’t hurt at all,” said my mom, who was in the middle of her session, and had chosen a shape that is quite similar to mine.

 Bee Pampered

It only took around 25 minutes for microblading, which were spent chatting with Adelle about how she got into the business of beautifying brows.

“My cousin actually suggested it to me when she had lost most of her brow hair after having children,” she explained.

“I began researching solutions for her and found the amazing Shaughnessy Keely on Instagram. I found out she had attended Biotouch Canada, so I signed up the next day. I started the program at Biotouch in January 2016 and microblading has become my life since then. I was not expecting the overwhelming interest and excitement but I am thrilled to be offering this service and love seeing the huge smiles on people’s faces after the process.”

Being a great microblading artist is a lot like being a talented tattoo artist, she adds.

“It takes an artistic touch and a feel for what you want the finished project to look like. You also have to be able to listen to your client and know the look they are hoping to achieve and respect that when you create their brows.”

Bee Pampered

While my mom has always been beautiful, I love how her new eyebrows make her blue eyes pop, and especially how it has helped boost her confidence.

“They turned out exactly how I had hoped… I wish I had done this a long time ago. Thank you for this wonderful early Mother’s Day gift!”

Bee Pampered

For more information about Microblading or to book your appointment with Adelle, visit www.beepampered.ca. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @BeePampered to check out all the before and after photos from clients of all ages.



Here at ValleyMom.ca, we’re thrilled to partner with Adelle over at Bee Pampered to give away some beautiful microbladed eyebrow tattys to one lucky fan or their mom/daughter – a prize valued at approx. $600! It’s totally up to you want you want to do with your prize. How incredible is that? To enter, you must be 18+ and follow the directions on our Instagram Post. Contest closes at midnight on June 10/17. Good luck (make sure to follow each step carefully to qualify).


Disclaimer: While the Valley nana received a complimentary session, all opinions are 100% my own. VM has the right to refuse reviews on products we don’t feel are a good fit for the blog or products and services we wouldn’t 100% recommend to our closest friends and family.

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