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Coffee Strong and Lashes Long: Interview with Eyelash Stylist Brianne of Brianne Marsh Beauty

Brianne Marsh Beauty

As a busy working mamma of two, my morning beauty routine is absolutely crazy and chaotic, which means that makeup application is hurried or skipped.

With all this beautiful hot weather– and even more sunshine on the horizon– I decided to swap my trusty tube of mascara for a full set of hybrid lash extensions.

And wow, what a game changer! I feel so glam and put together without making a mess of my bathroom counter. Other than dabbing on some concealer and a few swipes of bronzer and colour on my brows, getting ready is pretty effortless.

Brianne Marsh Beauty

At first I worried they were too much, but it only took a day to get used to the transformation. Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine going back to a classic set again.

Brianne Marsh knows all-too-well what it’s like to have limited ‘self care’ time. That’s why this young mother of two loves pampering her fellow Valley Moms at her self-dubbed home-based lash studio in South Surrey–Brianne Marsh Beauty.

In this edition of ‘Coffee With,’ Brianne shares about motherhood, what it’s like to juggle a home-based business with two children under the age of five and her favourite places to explore in ‘the Valley’ with her kids and “pretend husband.”

What inspired you to get become an Eyelash Extension Specialist? 

After we purchased our first home and got settled into the financial obligations that came with it, we wanted some extra money to have “fun with” so finances didn’t feel so tight. I saw an ad for eyelash extension training and it definitely interested me! However they really weren’t a thing back then and definitely were not a regular service like hair and nails.

It was a huge risk for us to put money into training for a job that there wasn’t a huge market. I got my training from Platinum Lash in Chilliwack and got started right away.

Since then I have upgraded my training into volume and mega volume and my passion for making women feel beautiful has set me apart in a now-saturated market!

What has been your biggest challenge being a ‘mompreneur?’

My biggest challenge as a mompreneur was when I was lashing on top of a full-time job as I barely got to see my kids. I worked 8-4pm and then lashed from 6-10pm, plus full days on weekends. It was nuts! Now that I have two kids, I am home with them during the day all week and lash evenings and weekends.

How do you feel about having your own business doing lashes?

I am a huge advocate for loving ourselves and each other. I truly believe that everyone is beautiful and that radiates from the inside out. I have met so many amazing women who absolutely shine and are the prime example of what every human being should strive to be. Lashes are merely an accessory to this greatness!

Tell us about your family dynamic.

I am a mom of two kids — Everleigh will be six this year and Jackson will be two. I have been with my pretend-husband (we are common law, engaged!) for eight years and we will never leave the Valley!

Where in ‘the Valley’ is your favourite place to go explore during your downtime?

Our favourite thing to do is explore the outdoors — from local parks, to beaches at the ocean, lakes and wooded trails. We are so lucky to live in a part of the world that is so lush and beautiful, and we try not to take advantage of it!

And finally, what is your stance on scary movies. Love them or hate them!

I used to love all types of scary movies but since becoming a mom I can’t watch them!

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Brianne Marsh has partnered with Valley Mom to spoil one of you mamas with a free set of lashes AND your first fill for free! The winner  can do classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume – totally your choice! To enter, leave a comment on the blog telling us which style of lashes you’d choose and follow the rest of the easy steps on our Facebook fan page HERE. Contest closes June 20 at midnight. Good luck xo


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