Coffee With Angie Quaale: The Sweet Taste of Success

When it comes to success, Angie Quaale has whipped up the winning recipe.

The Langley resident  is a recognizable face throughout ‘the Valley’ — and it’s not just because this grill master is one heck of a cook.

The past president of the BC Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier and proud owner of Well Seasoned Gourmet has more on her plate than most, but that never seems to frazzle this famous foodie. Whenever I run into Angie at  community events or fetes she has thrown herself, I’m always blown away by how laid-back and easy going she is.

From being the Chair of Tourism Langley, Co-Chair and founding board member of the Langley Community Farmers Market, to throwing the biggest barbecue bash in town every year and running for a seat on Township Council, Angie continues to prove that women can have their cake — if it’s made by Angie, even better — and eat it too!

And what goes better with a slice of cake than coffee? In this week’s edition of Coffee With, Angie shares her secrets for sweet success and fills us in on her latest endeavors.


Tell us a bit about your background and how long you’ve lived here in Langley.  

I grew up in Alberta, came to B.C. in the early 90’s and love it here – I can’t imagine living anywhere else! 


What is it you enjoy most about living and working in the Fraser Valley?  

I love the quality of life we have in the Fraser Valley.  We have everything the big cities offer but without the congestion & many of the pitfalls. 


When did you open Well Seasoned. Did you ever imagine it would be as successful as it is today? 

Well Seasoned opened in 2004.  I believed it would be a success or I wouldn’t have done it I suppose!  It has taken many turns along the way and I am not sure it is how I imagined it would be 10 years later, but it is better than I could have ever hoped and it continues to evolve every day!


You’ve taken on quite a bit, including running for Township council and being the mastermind behind Barbecue on the Bypass, how do you juggle it all? Seriously, you never look stressed! 

I don’t have kids.  Yes, I work hard and a lot BUT I don’t have little people waiting for me to fix dinner or pick them up from an activity. My cats are incredibly patient when their dinner is late!  I get a lot done and have a great time doing it.  I think when you love your work and are fully immersed in it, it doesn’t feel like work!




How did you get involved with Barbecue on the Bypass? What can people expect for this year’s event?

I founded BBQ on the Bypass in 2005, this is our 9th annual. AND this year we are calling it BBQ OFF the Bypass because we aren’t ON the bypass any more!  It is a great, free, family event – the only free event of it’s kind in BC.  I started it so people could learn about traditional low & slow BBQ, it isn’t just a way of cooking – it is a lifestyle. 

This event brings cooks from all over the region to compete and gives spectators an opportunity to sample, taste and experience REAL BBQ.  I do have to admit that this year, because we are relocating Well Seasoned just two weeks before the event, this year’s contest will be a slightly smaller version.  We will still have all the great activities we have always had, that the teams and spectators want but we will be scaling back a tad.  NEXT YEAR – is our 10th Anniversary and it will be EPIC!  It will still be a smokin’ good time!


You recently moved Well Seasoned to a new location. How are you enjoying the new space? 

We took possession on Aug. 22 and  shut down the old location on Aug. 23.  We will close completely for 1 week while we make the move.  We will be open again in the new location on September 1st and will look forward to hosting a big “official” grand opening party near the end of September when the dust from the BBQ OFF the Bypass settles.


Angie, you truly are an inspiration — especially to the younger generation of women wanting to create their own path in life. What advice do you have for these younger Valley gals entering the workforce? 

Find your mojo. Do what you love.  When you can do that, it isn’t work.  Plan. Prepare. Plan some more. Oh and ask for advice.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  I think generally people want you to succeed and will help when asked.  I hire the best experts I can find…accountants, lawyers, graphic designers etc.  You learn early in business that you get what you pay for and you have got to spend money to make money.


When you’re not busy working, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

David & I love to travel.  We do that any chance we get.  And we BBQ of course!  We haven’t had much time for it this year but one day, we want to get in our vehicle and just spend a summer competing all over Canada & the US…a giant BBQ road trip!


What has been the highlight of your summer so far? 

Highlight of the summer….oh, there are so many but I guess two really stand out:


 1.  Hosting a big golf tournament & pig roast fundraiser for my campaign just a couple of weeks ago.  125 people came out to support me and my efforts to  win a seat on Township council, it was really amazing to receive that kind of support from the people of Langley.

2.   Signing the lease on my new building.  It is a HUGE move for Well Seasoned and I am excited for the challenge.


What’s in store next for Well Seasoned now that it has moved locations?

Well Seasoned is growing up – moving into a prime retail location and totally raising the bar.  Ten years ago when we opened our doors, we set the standard.  Many have come along in the last 10 years and followed our model.  Now, it is time to reinvent ourselves.  I like to say if you aren’t leading,  you are following – Well Seasoned is a leader! 

Our new cooking school will have  six hands-on cooking stations and a BRAND NEW state of the art kitchen for classes.  No one in the Fraser Valley is doing anything similar.  We will continue to innovate! To bring new, exciting products and events to the market – products & experiences consumers can’t find anywhere else! Well Seasoned is going to have an incredible year!


cupcakes angie

I’ve seen vote for Angie Quaale posters all around Langley. Tell us about your decision to run for a seat on Township Council.

 I am excited for the future of Langley Township and want to be part of the conversations, decisions and discussions that shape that future!  I need help with my campaign and would LOVE to hear from anyone that is interested in working with me to bring some fresh perspective to our municipal government.  My campaign website is www.angiequaale.com contact me any time! #teamangie


There are four months left in 2014 – they are going to be HUGE for me!  I can’t wait!


Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. P.S. – I’m still holding you to our karaoke night 😉 

I am SO looking forward to that!


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