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Coffee With: Carrie Beddington, Beauty Bar Nail Salon

When I was a stay-at-home mom, I envied all my friends who were able to go for regular manicures. Leaving my full time job as a reporter for diaper-duty meant that our budget was tight. Nails were an extravagance we couldn’t afford.

So, when I did go back into the workforce just over a year ago, one of the first things I did was book my very first gel manicure.

Carrie Beddington knows what it’s like to be a busy mom, and she also knows nails like nobody’s business. In fact, it is her business.

This licensed esthetician is the owner of the Beauty Bar Nail Salon in Clayton Heights – an adorable commercial home-based business space where she specializes in sculpted gel nails and gel polish manicures.

After giving me the most gorgeous, whimsical, unicorn-themed sparkly pink nails (I’m such a girly-girl!), we had a coffee and a lovely chat.

In this edition of Coffee With, Carrie Beddington dishes on what it’s like to juggle motherhood with launching her own business, all while keeping her sanity intact.   

Tell us something wild and crazy about yourself that would shock most people.

I traveled across Europe by myself with nothing but a backpack.


What has been your biggest challenge being a ‘mompreneur’?

Juggling my work schedule and my daughter’s school schedule. She goes to a wonderful school (Langley Fine Arts), but it’s on the other side of town. I drive her to and from each day, but having control over my schedule allows me to make this happen.

What makes your nail studio unique?

It’s a very relaxing quiet and odour-free environment. It’s just me and my client, no others listening into our conversations. And what is said in the nail salon stays in the salon.

The use of professional products is very important, Fuzion and Ugly Duckling are a few local bc made products that I use. I love to support local business, plus these products have the highest quality ingredients.

Let’s talk sanitation, since it is one of the most important aspects of the nail salon industry. How do you prevent the spread of fungal and bacterial diseases from one client to the next and help to ensure safe working conditions within the salon?

Sanitation is a huge factor for me and my clients. I use only hospital grade sanitation cleaners for all my instruments, and single-use items such as files and buffers are thrown away. Having a clean and sanitary environment is most important and my clients appreciate it.

You have the cutest designs to choose from! I am obsessed with your flamingo and pineapple art. How do you stay on top of the trends?

Over time I build relationships with my clients,  and I’m always looking forward to trying new designs with them. If they have a idea, I welcome them to send a picture and I’ll get to work on making it happen for them. I’m constantly practicing new techniques. Keeping up with new trends and designs makes my job so fresh and fun.

What is the craziest request for nails you’ve ever had?

I once had a guy loose a bet with some of his buddy’s and came to have his nails done. I made them long and red!

If you could pick any super hero power what would it be? 

I’m taking this one from my daughter… I want to be Heart Girl so I can give love to the world.

What do you love about being a ‘Valley Mom’?

Being able to make a living at what I love to do, while also being able to raise my daughter and spend quality time with my family.

A huge thank you to Carrie for being the first up to bat for this new feature on the blog and for make my nails so pretty. If you’re wanting to give Beauty Bar Nails a try, make sure to use promo code ValleyMom for a 10% discount. Also, check out our Facebook fan page for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Beauty Bar Nail Salon

Beauty Bar Nail Salon

#70 7233 189 street
Surrey, British Columbia
(604) 996-1191
Disclaimer: While Carrie provided me with a complimentary manicure, I only promote and partner with local businesses and services that I would recommend to my own best friend. 



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