Coffee With My Accountability Coach: Ashley McIver

I have always been a weight fluctuater, even as a wee Valley girl.

I console or reward myself with copious amounts of carbs and sugar, take ongoing hiatuses from the gym and then wonder why my jeans are skin tight, my eyes are puffy and my skin is an oily mess.

Around that time is when the diet du jour (or cleanse) starts, followed by a rigorous workout schedule. I start off hot and heavy, but quickly lose steam – and then gain back the bloat. Hello muffin top and acne, we meet again!

Thankfully, I’ve found someone to help me get off this vicious, unhealthy hamster wheel. Her name is Ashley McIver and she is a Fraser Valley-based accountability coach who has helped me finally get back on track (and stay on it) the last three months. In fact, she’s like my own little one stop motivation shop, acting as an on-call fitness and nutrition guru– even therapist to help me set and stick to my goals…even on the days I’d rather stay home and devour a plate of cheesy nachos and watch Gilmour Girls reruns.

Curious about how a health and accountability coach can help you? … In this edition of ‘Coffee With,’ McIver dishes on how she challenges fellow women of all ages and fitness levels to get out of their comfort zone and embrace their own kind of beautiful.

Valley Mom: OK, first off, Ashley – how did you become an accountability coach?

Ashley McIver: I am a mother of two beautiful children, the wife to a wonderful guy and a lover of health and wellness. I have a background prior as a weight training instructor, and now have a certificate as a health and life coach. I have ALWAYS been passionate in fitness and nutrition and now I support women in their journey towards health and wellness.

Fraser Valley accountability coach

Valley Mom: The term ‘accountability coach’ sounds so fancy… for those who haven’t heard of the term, can you explain what an accountability coach is and how it differs from a personal trainer or dietician?

Ashley McIver: As a health and accountability coach we work more one-on-one, together. It goes deeper than meeting you in a gym and putting you through a workout, or making you a diet (ugh I hate that word). With this type of coaching, we look more closely at your struggles with motivation, self-worth, limiting beliefs, and we start there. From there we go onto nutritional support, (meal plans) fitness support, (home workouts, challenges) personal coaching, and goal setting. I guide you and support you and educate you on proper foods, healthy choices, and eating to fuel your body, and working out to be HEALTHY.

Valley Mom: I’ve been on so many diets over the years and have yo-yoed with losing those last stubborn 10 pounds. What am I doing wrong?

Ashley McIver:  When you overthink what you are eating constantly or you are working out to be skinny, or obsessing over a scale… over a number, you are setting yourself up for dissapointment. Then you feel guilty about having a cheat day, so it becomes a vicious unhealthy mindset. It’s about finding balance and peace. It’s about finding that healthy style. It just becomes a part of who you are.

Valley Mom: For most of us moms, it is so difficulty and frustrating to find time for ourselves to work out, but here you are with a two-year-old in the most incredible shape. How can we be like you? I mean, those abs are unreal!

Fraser Valley accountability coach

Ashley McIver: *laughs* I don’t strive for people to want to be like me, I strive to help women to want to be like them– a healthier version of themselves. I take that 1.5 hour a day to work out because I know it’s okay to take that time. I do it at 4 a.m. sometimes, so I’m there when my husband and kids wake in the morning, or I do it after they go to bed. I do my meal planning with my family to incorporate that time with them and to involve them and educate them on healthy nutritional choices.

Valley Mom: What has been the most rewarding aspect of being an accountability coach. How about the most challenging?

Fraser Valley accountability coach

Ashley McIver: Seeing the successes and the confidence come out in these women. Seeing the strength I knew they had. I am grateful for that. The most challenging can be when they want to get fit and healthy for the wrong reasons. “I want to be skinny” or “I want to look like her.” This is a lifestyle; its healthy choices– it’s being you! Just a healthier you. You need to love yourself first and foremost.

Valley Mom: Okay abs of steal, fess up… what is your fave go-to cheat treat

Ashley McIver: I’m a savory girl. I love me some good French fries!



If I can do it, so can you!

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