Design Your Own Date Jar ~ It’s So Easy!

So my Mr. and I have been married for 10 years, but it really doesn’t seem like it has been that long. I can remember every little detail of our ‘I do’s’ like it was just yesterday. Wanting to ensure that our next 10 years are just as fabulous, we thought it would be fun to come up with new date-night ideas to keep things fun. We discovered that a great way to spice things up is by making our very own ‘Date Jar.’ It’s certainly a fun, inexpensive way to keep our nights on the town fresh, new, and exciting. This little jar was both easy and inexpensive to make — I can’t wait to put it to use! Here’s how you can spice things up with a DIY ‘date jar.’

Paint in three colours (I used Craftsmart paints in Light Pink, Robin’s Egg Blue, and Ocean Breeze)Supplies I used for this project : 

  • Foam brush or paint brush ( I like to use a foam brush leaves a smooth surface for writing and they only cost about .10 cents so I just toss after use! easy clean up)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Large Mason jar
  • Scrapbook paper


    Leanne Kinsman photo

  • String or ribbon
  • Sharpie
  • Foam mounting sticker
  • I decided to use Popsicle sticks for our date jar and paint them in three different colours {I chose colours that would match our home office as this is where the jar will be living, and for any of you who know me you know I like everything to be matchy matchy}. If you are wondering why I did three different colours, it is because we decided we would use different colours for the three different types of dates.
  • Light Pink = More expensive and planning
  • Dark Turquoise = Out of the house dates
  • Light Turquoise = At home dates
  • I did two coats on each stick as I wanted to make mine pretty solid and bold in colour.  After my paint was dry I took out my trusty Sharpie and got to working writing all our dates on the corresponding coloured sticks.

Here is a list of the dates we chose to give you some ideas!

More expensive dates :

1) Stay at a bed and breakfast

2) Couples massage

3) Concert {his choice}

4) Concert {her choice}

5) Downtown overnight trip {shopping, dinner, hotel stay}

6) Overnight/weekend trip to the Island

7) Dinner and a play

8) Tickets to a sporting event

9) Overnight trip to Seattle

10) Fraser Valley wine tour

11) Overnight Whistler trip

Out of the house dates :

1) Coffee and chat date

2) Dinner at a ‘new to us’ restaurant

3) Go for ice cream

4) Movie night {his choice}

5) Movie night {her choice}

6) Progressive dinner date { have appies at one restaurant, dinner at another, and dessert at yet another}

7) Trip to the Greater Vancouver Zoo

8) Bookstore and coffee date

9) Trip to the Vancouver Aquarium (check out Aquarium After Dark for adults only)

10) Double Granville Date {visit South Granville and Granville Island}

11) Seawall and sushi {take a stroll or ride on the seawall and enjoy sushi afterward}

12) Foodtruck date {hit up various food trucks for nibbles}

13) Mini golf at Castle Fun Park

14) Bowling

15) Go carting

16) Beach walk

17) Casino night at Cascades Casino

At home dates:

1) Chopped night {we will each have a basket of ingredients the other has chosen and have to make a dish out of it}

2) At home picnic {either indoor or outdoor, rain or shine}

3) Living room camp-out

4) Newlyweds game night { ask each other questions about ourselves and see who gets the most right answers, small prizes for the winner}

5) Paris Date {dinner, drink and a movie all incorporating Paris some how}

6) Wine tasting

7) Movie night {his choice}

8) Movie night {her choice}

9) Mr. & Mrs. Smith Night {watch the movie and have a Nerf gun war!}

10) Cocktail night

11) Board games by candle light

12) Italy Date {dinner, drink and a movie all incorporating Italy some how}

13) Fondue night

14) Bond Night {movies and martini’s}

15) Greece date {dinner, drink and a movie all incorporating Greece somehow}

16) Art night {paint each others portrait}

17) Highland games {Kinsman-style}

18) Country Night {movie, dinner, drinks, and music}

19) Self Shot photo-session {go out for a couples photo session and take every pic with the camera timer}

20) Dessert duel {kinda like cupcake wars see who can create the best dessert}

Phew! now that all the sticks are complete, place them in the jar , cut a piece of patterned scrapbook paper to size to put in between the mason jar ring and seal. Tie your choice of ribbon around the jar, add a little tag with your foam mount and voila  …. Date Jar complete!

Hope you enjoyed my little DIY Date Jar. Would love to hear if it inspired you to make your own, and what different date ideas you came up with.

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