Downtown Langley Certainly Has Great Taste

One of the most anticipated foodie fetes in the Fraser Valley took place in Downtown Langley on Saturday, providing a feast for all the senses.

This was the third year for Fork & Finger Foodie event — a celebration of the unique and delicious restaurants located in Downtown Langley. For visitors, it was a great opportunity to explore some hidden gems and hot spots — for locals, like myself, it was a wonderful opportunity to rediscover the area all over again.

Having spent the majority of my 20′s living in Langley City, I can tell you there are numerous amazing eateries in the downtown core. From quaint mom’n pop diners  and ethnic cuisine that will blow your taste buds away to trendy dining hot spots, there is no shortage of options.

The Fork & Finger Foodie Event was an opportunity to explore these hot spots and be in the running to win over $1,000 in Downtown Dollars through the Fork & Finger Passport Program.



Jason finally had the weekend off, so he was able to join us for a family day of fun. We arrived at noon, knowing the girls would be hungry — little did they know we’d be dining at multiple places.

For just $5, you could purchase a sample plate at various participating establishments. Between the four of us, we were easily able to get away with ordering just two at each location.

First stop was at Choo Choos Food & Beverage Company. This Langley landmark has been serving up fresh, fun and family dining experiences in the heart of downtown Langley for over 21 years.

We love that the menu features items made-from-scratch and the cozy atmosphere, reminiscent of my grandparent’s rec room, is pretty comforting if I do say so myself. Every child is allowed and encouraged to bring a toy train back to their table.



Our $5 sampler plates included half a pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw and Parmesan fries.


The girls noticed the desserts on the way out, but we still had two more restaurants to visit.


Nice try girls, we still have two more stops! All aboard.



I had never been to the NAKA Bistro before, so I was pretty excited to check this little place out on the one-way– especially since its is Langley’s first authentic Laotian restaurant. This is one of those small mom n’ pop style eateries you could easily overlook, but I recommend popping by the next time you’re in the area.

This family owned restaurant, committed to providing delicious fusion cuisine combining authentic Lao and Thai culinary creations, opened back in December of 2014.

Their sampler plates included two options: an appetizer platter, which consisted of a Salad Roll, Chicken Satay and Crab Rangoon, or their entree platter with Beef Jerky, Lao Sausages,  salad and sticky rice with roasted tomato dip. We ordered one of each.




While it was stuff we probably wouldn’t have thought to order, we’re so glad we had a chance to experience these items off NAKA Bistro’s menu. Everything was fantastic, but the Crab Rangoon (the things that look like fritters on the left) were the biggest hit. Molly gobbled one up in seconds all on her own. We’re so lucky are girls are just as experimental with food as we are. Sure beats a Happy Meal.



No, it’s not time for dessert yet Molly!

After we finished eating at NAKA, we decided to give our taste buds a little break and explore what was happening over at the main plaza. Perfect timing,  Master Chef Canada’s Tammy Wood was busy dazzling a large crowd with her tips on cooking with bison. Wood is a retail clerk from Chilliwack who loves to cook with wild game.




Also in the plaza was the most incredible fruit carving display from some of the ladies over at Ban Chok Dee Thai Restuarnant.





Isn’t that incredible?



Our final stop of the day was to Sticky’s Candy for dessert. Owner Sherri Bouchard whipped up two of the largest root beer floats I’ve ever seen right before our eyes. The girls loved being able to choose their own ice cream flavours and variety of root beer. And no, they didn’t drink it all themselves — thank goodness!




Sticky’s Candy  provides the ultimate sugar rush with edible nostalgia in a fun, unique and novel environment. Every time we’re visiting downtown Langley, we always have to make a stop at this special hot spot.

With full bellies, sugared-up children and some newly acquired cooking tips, we were finally ready to head home.

The Fork & Finger Foodie event  was one of many free events that took place in Downtown Langley this summer, helping to put the thriving shopping and dining district on the map. To find out what’s happening next in the area, make sure to visit www.downtownlangley.com.

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