Goodbye CEFA Willowbrook; It’s the End of an Era

Zoe graduated from CEFA Willowbrook last week leaving this Valley Mom a big blubbering mess.

Even before she walked onstage in her teeny-tiny yellow cap and gown, I couldn’t contain the watershed that was about to take place.

“Kristy, it’s just preschool,” laughed my mom as I sobbed into my soggy napkin, trying not to get tears on my freshly microbladed brows.

“What are you going to do when she graduates from high school?”

While I do tend to be on the emotional side, especially when it comes to my two girls, my baby’s graduation marked the end of an era for our family.

As of next fall, we’ll have two children going to school full time. Where the heck did the time go?

I’m sure that by the time September rolls around, I’ll be ready to send her out the door to school… but not now… this is just all too much.

At least I know we don’t have to worry about how she’s going to adjust  to the longer hours and demands of Kindergarten.

CEFA Willowbrook

CEFA Willowbrook has been such an amazing experience for Zoe that we will be forever thankful for.

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She has really opened up and come out of her shell, has made lots of friends and has shown a keen interest in reading – just like her big sister.

If someone had told me a year ago that my little ginger baby would stand onstage in front of 80+ people to talk in microphone all by herself, I would have thought they were crazy. Back then, she couldn’t even sing in front of Jason and I at home without erupting into a fit of giggles.

Now look at her go. She’s a pro!

CEFA Willowbrook celebrated its second anniversary this past March. I first found out about the school back when I was filling in for one of the reporters at The Langley Times and wrote a little story about the grand opening HERE.
A year later, we decided to enrol Zoe and never looked back. Best. Decision. Ever.


cefa wil


As Zoe says in her speech, she loves the yoga, colouring and her incredible teacher, Miss Kopp
I agree that her teacher is incredible, but I’m also a HUGE fan of the fact that parents don’t have to bring snacks or lunches because there is a cook on site who makes all kinds of tasty, healthy meals for them.
It also doesn’t hurt that there is always fresh coffee and baked goods at a table for the parents every morning.
The school consists of eight spacious classrooms, an art room, a parents room, a nap room/gross motor room, and a 5,300 sq ft outdoor playground so CEFA children have plenty of room to socialize and play.



A family photo taken at the ceremony with the grandparents. As you can see by Jason’s face, I’m not the only emotional one in the family. Sidetone: My tattooed eyebrows were on day 4 of the healing process.


It takes a whole village to raise a child. CEFA Willowbrook stands not only for quality early childhood education, but specifically for cultivating tomorrow’s leaders together with parents, families and the community.

For more information about, contact the school’s Principal Brenda Ip at willowbrook@cefa.ca to set up a school tour and be sure to visit their CEFA Willowbrook Facebook page! 

CEFA Willowbrook is currently in the running for favourite “Childcare Centre” in the Langley Advance’s 2016 Best of the Best award.
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