I Gotta Be Me And You Gotta #BeYouGirl

It would take me almost 35 years to feel truly comfortable in my own skin — to really know and embrace myself for who I am, and who I am not.

Here’s a brief synopsis: My name is Kristyl, I’m a faux red head who loves scary movies, juicy novels, any chick flick with a makeover scene, brunch, coffee and travelling with my family. Small talk makes me feel drained, I’d rather hang out in a small intimate gathering than a big party, I detest the word ‘tutti-frutti’ and simulated watermelon flavours make me cringe.

Being true to yourself is a life-long practice that requires commitment and re-commitment, but it’s a skill that can be honed at a young age.

I want my two girls to accept, love and embrace their attributes, limitations and quirks sooner rather than later — and clearly I’m not alone.

On Sept. 17th, there were lots of fellow Valley moms, dads and their daughters at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre in Abbotsford for the  BeYou Girl Tradeshow & Workshops.

The entire shopping mall was transformed into a tradeshow designed to empower young girls and support the Big Brothers Big Sisters program across Canada.

My little red head and I enjoyed a day of speakers, live entertainment, interactive stations, inspirational spaces and so much more!

Here’s some of our highlights from the event:


Our first stop was at the front entrance of the mall to make an  Inspirational Lantern Craft with The Reach. I really loved all the inspirational girl-power quotes that Zoe could choose from – she loved all the jewels, glitter and beads. Sidenote: I am so stealing this idea for Molly’s Brownie group this year. Aren’t these adorable???


Zoe was very excited to win her very-own chapstick and a pen at the Spin-to-Win wheel.


There was also a chance to create a Vision Board with The Sparkle Project, listen to some amazing local talent, partake in DAVIDsTea samples, have your nails painted by Claire’s, visit the Jump Wall Photo Booth and more.


Aside from being fun, empowering and educational, I loved that this event was FREE and local. Oh, and I did happen to find a really cute plaid shirt with lace shoulders for our upcoming family photo session (sounds weird but it’s fabulous).

I also really appreciated the wealth of resources that came in the swag bags for Abbotsford parents, which included a roundup of community groups, social outlets, mental health info and more.

A big thank you to the Sevenoaks shopping centre for putting on this tradeshow – we hope it returns next year so big sister Molly can check it out too.


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BeYou Girl is a national cause marketing campaign created to increase self-esteem and empower young females across Canada. Be You takes the power of partnership by bringing awareness of this issue and giving young females better access to personal and professional development tools, while celebrating their growth, diversity and self-worth. With the help of Big Sisters in Abbotsford and The Sparkle Project BC, we are partnering together to increase awareness, raise funds for Big Sisters and help young girls with Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle and Self Esteem.

Find out more by visiting beyougirl.ca  #BeYouGirl

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