Hello from the Other Side

I have always been quite skeptical when it comes to the afterlife; however, there have been some very strange incidents going on lately with no logical explanation. 

You know that show Long Island Medium with Teresa Caputo where Teresa will ask a participant in her audience if she could come to them?  She will  relay a message to this person from the ‘spirit world,’ which always strikes so close to home with them and usually will have them in tears. As crazy as it may sound, I  can relate.

At 60, I’m at a stage in my life where I am open to discover new experiences, even the journey to Spiritualism– a movement based on the belief that departed souls can interact with the living.

There is a quaint little church in downtown Cloverdale called The Lighthouse Spiritual Centre that has a Sunday morning service.  The people who attend come from all walks of life and age groups.

This little upbeat church offers a variety of events such as Healings, Workshops, Mini Readings and Meditation Circles.   Anyone who attends is greeted at the door  with open arms, a smile and a hug.  The service is always positive and many people can relate to the uplifting topic that is chosen.

The last half hour of the service is for spirits sending messages to their loved ones.  This is where I first became very interested in the spirit world.  Rev. Anne Larson asked if she could come to me, of course I said “YES!!!”

Anne told me my mother is with me, described her to a T and noted that mom’s favourite colour was blue. It just so turns out my mom’s bedroom was all blue–I’m talking blue walls, carpet and comforter along with many of her dresses.

Lighthouse Spiritual Centre

Mom at age 9 with an uncanny resemblance to Molly.

My daughter has her blue saphire ring and wears it for good luck on special occasions.  While Kristyl has never worn it to a service –yes, she attends the service with me from time-to-time–Anne brought up the blue ring as though she could see it right in front of her. Anne described my mother as being a very kind women and how we were quite close especially at the end before my mom passed.

It wasn’t long after attending this church that strange things started happening in my home. Or, perhaps they had in the past and I had never noticed.

The first incident was in my living room and it made all the hairs on my arm stand upright.

Our television would turn on to static at all hours. This happened periodically and I didn’t really think too much of it as I was sure it was something to do with the television short circuiting or  something to that effect.

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It wasn’t until Kristyl came over and while she was upstairs checking out my closet for something to snatch, I said, “That’s weird the TV hasn’t turned on for a while now.”

Sure enough, while making my way downstairs it came on full static, loud and clear!

“The TV just turned on by itself again!'” I screamed.

Needless to say, we were startled and curious.

I have been to a couple of spiritualists and they said that my mom, who passed away 14 years ago, is always at my side. In fact, one recently told me that she especially liked to appear while I have a bubble bath because it is the only time I am settled in one spot.

Just before the breaking point of my last relationship, which was quite stressful, I was having a bath and blatantly said to my mom, “If you are here right now, please give me a sign by doing that thing you do with the TV.”

I didn’t think anything more of it.  After my bath, I poured myself a glass of wine and went outside to sit on my patio. When I came back in, the TV went on and yes, went right out of the HDM12 mode to static.  That is when I knew for sure that my mom was really with me.

Tears streamed down my face as I phoned Kristyl — I was in complete shock,

 Kristyl managed to settle me down so I could tell her what happened and she thought it was pretty awesome!

I don’t have any scientific proof or special equipment to validate if my mother was actually with me on those occasions, and am still somewhat skeptical as my television could have some kind of malfunction.

Even so, I just can’t deny how uncanny it is that these episodes usually happen when I am talking to my mom and asking her for her guidance. In addition to the TV, the radio has started to turn on on its own — the last time was when Kristyl and my grand daughters were over for dinner.

Could it be her? Honestly, I have no idea; however, it does bring me some comfort to know she could be near.

As I already mentioned, I had a close relationship with my mom and stuck by her to the very end of her life.

I think about her daily and miss her with all of my heart.

Having recently turned 60, I've decided to turn up the fun factor in my life and pursue all my passions. This includes travelling, cooking healthy and nutritious meals for myself, friends and family, home decor, spending quality time with my grandchildren, gardening and keeping fit.

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