Jeepers, creepers, how’d you get those peepers?

Everyone wants long, beautiful lashes, but not we’re not all born with them.

Rather than reach for the trusty wand of mascara, many women are visiting a lash extension stylist to get that dramatic, sexy look. Myself included.

You see, I’m what you might call a ‘false eyelash addict.’ Any time there’s a special event — even just a night out with the hubs, I don’t feel complete without a set of false eyelashes glued to my orbs. I can’t even count how many times I’ve texted the hubs to pick up a pair for me on his way home from work.

“Seriously, didn’t I just get you some last week?” he has been known to huff.

And while he’s right, they get lost. A lot. Especially if copious amounts of chardonnay is involved.

Jason is well-versed in lash lingo these days. He knows the difference between corner vs. full lashes and  strip vs. singular lash glue.

There are false lashes that do not match all over our house — seriously, I’m not kidding.

One time I thought there was a spider on our coffee table but low and behold it was just a monstrous set of falsies clumped together. I never throw them away in case their match shows up one day. Sadly, it never seems to happen, but I’m not above wearing two lefts or two rights in a pinch. I have a whole drawer in my jewelry box that is like an eyelash graveyard. That’s where the odd ones go to die.

While I’ve always wanted to try eyelash extensions, I didn’t have the courage to do so… well, until recently.

After hearing rave reviews about how wonderful she is, I decided to book an appointment with Jenn Cools of Live, Lash, Love at her home studio in Langley. The professional certified lash extension stylist is a former dental assistant who takes great pride in creating beautiful lashes for her clients.

I was nervous as heck as I kept my lids sealed shut so she could work her magic. The whole process took around an hour and a half, but the end result was certainly worth the wait.



And that’s with no makeup. Of course I had to filter up that photo to hide the bags under my eyes.


I’m not gonna lie, I felt smokin’ hot as I left her studio. I also felt a little strange as though everyone was staring at my eyes.

“Oh no, do I look like a freak?” I wondered to myself.

“Jeepers, creepers, how’d you get those beautiful peepers?” laughed Jason as I walked through the front door.

“No, seriously, they look great!”


The best part was waking up and not having to put on a lick of makeup. The extensions shaved a good 10-15 minutes off my morning routine, and on date night, Jason couldn’t believe how fast I was ready to go.

The only strange part was having to blow-dry my lashes with a hair dryer after showering. You’re given a cute little eyelash brush to pack in your purse to make sure they’realways perfect too. Trust me, it doesn’t take long until it feels totally normal to brush and dry them.

While eyelash extensions can last up to three weeks, mine needed a fill at the two-week mark. It probably didn’t help that I couldn’t stop playing with them while watching TV at night. At least it kept my hands from reaching for those chips.

Whether you’re going away on holidays, getting married or just want to rock some pretty peepers at the playground, lash extensions are definitely the way to go. Just make sure to do your research and go with a certified stylist who is well versed in proper sterilization procedures.

And speaking of finding a reputable lash stylist, here’s a little write-up I did about Jenn Cools from Live Love Lash.



Isn’t Jenn fabulous? This is a recent pic of her at Lash Wars in Las Vegas. She takes her lashes very seriously!

For the love of lashes

Jenn Cools was about to leave on a trip to Mexico when she decided to book an appointment for eyelash extensions.

With all of the humidity, the Langley mom didn’t want to worry about whether her makeup would last throughout the day.

“I wanted to avoid all the fuss of mascara, especially being in and out of a pool and ocean all day long,” said Cools, who instantly fell in love with her new lashes.

Aside from the way they changed the look of her face, Cools couldn’t believe how they made her feel on the inside.

“I looked so fresh-faced and felt like there was pep in my step.”

Cools was hooked at first lash — she decided to learn the art-form and went on to become a  professional certified lash extension stylist.

After looking around for the best training possible, she found the perfect course and was certified two weeks later. As a former Dental Assistant, Cools has had extensive training with using small tools, dexterity, as well as sterilization skills. She also has a good eye for the littlest details, which she says has helped her master the skills needed to be a certified eyelash technician.


“Training is SO important!  There are many places that offer lash extensions but if the person doing them wasn’t trained to the best qualifications it can subsequently cause damage to your natural lashes. ”

Since becoming a lash stylist, Cools has seen eyelash off all shapes and sizes — including those that have been damaged as a result of improper lash extension technique.

“The 2 most common errors I see are: Lashes that are glued together, this causes strain on the follicle and will ultimately pull out the lash(s) unnaturally. This is very damaging and can be painful and irritating. And secondly,  incorrect lash selection: choosing the right extension for that particular lash is important. Using a thinner extension for clients who have finer lashes and thicker extensions for those who have a stronger lash to withstand the weight. It’s all about minimizing damage and maintaining a beautiful look at the same time. Clients are all different and not one lash extension fits all! ”

For Cools, doing eyelash extensions for her clients isn’t just her job, it’s clearly her passion.

“Extensions are fun and can make you feel beautiful. Creating beautiful lashes is so fulfilling and I am grateful for my clients and love everyday if it.”


The transformation.

 A full sets takes Cools between 1.5 to 2 hrs,  as every natural lash has an extension carefully placed on it. Fills take approximately 1-1.5 hrs. Extensions usually last between 2-3 weeks and cost $100 for a full set, $45 for a 2-week fill, $55 for a 3-week fill  and $65 for a 4-week fill. Removals from other stylists are 35$ and fills that are needed but have been previously done by another stylist require a consultation prior to filling.
Live Lash Love is located inside Cool’s Langley home studio just off 70th Ave and 200 St. To schedule an appointment, contact Cools at  778-808-1106. For more information,  visit the Live Love Lash fan page on Facebook. Contest closes at midnight on Aug. 7th. You must be 18+ to enter.
Disclaimer: While I received a complimentary set of lash extensions, all opinions are my own.


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