Malary’s Fashion Network: Where Health Meets Fashion

When it comes to fashion, most option for whatever looks great, is comfortable on and won’t break the bank.

While all three factors are certainly key, there’s another selling point – one that’s often overlooked by consumers.

Did you know there are fabrics on the market that can help or harm your health? It’s true.

The fashion industry is on the brink of a fabric revolution and stores out here in the Valley are already onboard, includingMalary’s Fashion Network in Cloverdale.

Yvonne Hogenes’ thriving boutique has been a destination for women from all over the Fraser Valley and beyond who want to look and feel their best from head-to-toe.

“I love fashion and I love helping women,” said the Valley ‘mompreneur,’ who opened the store at 5755 176 St. 16 years ago.

“You see the look on someone’s face when you’ve helped them find something that makes them look and feel good…  there’s nothing like it.”

Featuring both European-inspired business/casual fashions as well as formal wear, there’s something for everyone at Malary’s.

But it isn’t just the large selection and exceptional customer service that has her customers beaming when they step out of the changing room. Her unique line of underpinnings plays a significant – one might even say “life-changing”–   role.


“Let’s face it, bras are a real issue for women,” said Hogenes.

“Many of us think ‘oh I’m too big, too small or I’ve and surgery so I’m no longer perfect – that’s just not true. There’s a bra out there for everyone!”

Ten years ago, Hogenes helped countless women of all ages to break free from uncomfortable bras with the launch of her popular TAB bra.

The fully engineered, custom-fitted miracle bra has no under wires or elastic in its construction. In addition to feeling like a second skin, the bra, which comes in nude, black and pale pink, offers excellent health benefits.


The TAB bra promotes health and comfort, and therefore is ideal for vocational use, sport and exercise, and especially normal, everyday wearing.

Additionally, as a Class 1 Medical device, the TAB bra can be used as a support garment for those with orthopedic problems, those dealing with general or plastic surgery.

“It is one of the only custom-fitted bras on the market that features a pocket sewn onto the inside of the bra,” explained Hogenes.

“This stretch pocket can securely hold in place a prosthetic insert of various sizes or styles.

While many women have pretty bras with padding or underwire in their lingerie drawer, Hogenes warns they shouldn’t be worn every day.

“The padded bras that many of us wear are full of formaldehyde, which can leach into the skin.”

The metal wiring can also cause havoc on the skin – often skin tags are caused by the constant rubbing of the bra against the body.

Hogenes says everyone these days is talking about the importance of a ‘green’ home, but few realize the clothing they wear consists of chemicals and materials that can leach into the skin.

“They don’t tell you how much of that causes the breast cancer or changes the magnetic field of the body.”

It was after the launch of her TAB bra that Hogenes realized her true passion –

bringing health and fashion together.

Around 16 months ago, Hogenes launched a second truly unique line that rivals Spanx.

“My sons work in the industry and they tell women it’s Spanx on steroids,” joked Hogenes of her FIRMA Energywear line.

Firma collage

FIRMA Energywear is made of a polyamide-based yarn that contains bioactive minerals incorporated into the matrix of the yarn.

While there are fabrics out there that have achieved similar results using coatings like Aloe Vera, caffeine and goji berries in the blend, however they wear out after multiple washings.

“FIRMA’s effects will never wash out as they are part of the yarn itself, making it a great innovation in the world of shape wear and fashion,” explained Hogenes.

FIRMA Energywear absorbs ‘infrared’ waves emitted by human body and re-emits the absorbed resonances as ‘far infrared’ waves, which then penetrate the human body, promoting micro-circulation and muscle tissue stimulation.

“We call this a smart fiber,” said Hogenes, who sells 15 pieces made from the material – 10 for women and five for men.

“It’s really going to change the way we look at fashion. Within five to 10 years, shopping for clothes will be like shopping for food –everything will have a label listing its ingredients.”

To date, the number one selling product in the FIRMA line is the Hi-Rise Leggings.

“Most of the leggings out there will pill or fall down – they just don’t sit on the body right… but not this pair,” said Hogenes, sporting a pair matched with a fashionable sweater and heels.

“It truly is the perfect day-to-evening staple that every woman should have in her wardrobe.”

As the most breathable natural fiber one can wear, it’s anti-odorous and can help rejuvenate one’s body and health.

“Here on the West Coast, we don’t get enough sunshine so we’re low on circulation and low on energy – that’s why we have inflammation,” said Hogenes, who notes increased blood microcirculation and enhanced cellular metabolism are the primary effects associated with FIRMA Energywear.
Cosmetic enhancements from regular wear include: increased collagen synthesis, skin elasticity, and skin smoothness, leading to a healthier, younger skin and reduced appearance of cellulite.

Aside from leggings, FIRMA Energywear carries everything from circulation socks and tanks to men’s compression shorts, t-shirts and zip jackets.

Anyone who hasn’t been into Malary’s is encouraged to come in, say hello to Yvonne’s team and check out the latest fall fashions, or get properly fitted for a bra.

Malary’s Fashion Network is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday. For more information, click here.