Our First (and Hopefully Last) Easter in Quarantine

Like many of my fellow moms out there, I was feeling anxious and sheer dread about spending Easter in quarantine. How would I pull this off?

The day was off to a strong start. Molly and Zoe came downstairs to find their baskets, then away they went to hunt for eggs.

I have to admit, the Easter bunny came up with some pretty creative spots this year. I guess he has a lot of extra time on his paws these days.

First, the egg hunt

Easter in quarantine

After they found their bounty and tummies were full of bunny-shaped pancakes, the sugar rush set in, and so did reality.

Reality Bites

Now what? There would be no family dinner to head to. No hugs from grandparents. No cousins to play with. It would also be the first time I was tasked with cooking a turkey without my mom’s guidance. I’m usually more of a fancy side-dish kinda gal.

While searching for the perfect recipe, posts popped up in my newsfeed of people blatantly disregarding the social distancing rules. First came the anger, followed by a deep sense of sadness. How is it fair they can visit their family inside their homes? What about my mom who lives alone in a condo? I haven’t seen her in a month. What about those seniors living in care homes who haven’t been allowed visitors and likely won’t for the foreseeable future? Many in those facilities will pass away before ever getting to hug their loved ones again.

Laughter from downstairs distracted me from the funk I was in.

Molly and Zoe were ready and eager to help their momma in the kitchen. Jason had also found the perfect recipe for our modest-sized bird.

A Family Affair

Easter in quarantine

Together, we peeled, mixed, basted and laughed as Nora Jones serenaded us softly in the background.

I’m thrilled to report that dinner turned out amazing! I guess this means I am no longer a turkey virgin. I feel silly for waiting 38 whole years. After all, it was just like roasting a chicken.

Easter in quarantine

Dinner was quiet at our intimate table set for four. For the first time ever, we joined hands and hung our heads to pray at dinner. That feeling of deep sadness, anger and emptiness was replaced with gratitude and a full heart. I have a roof over my head, we are healthy (knock on wood) and have the means to have a beautiful turkey dinner.

I have also been the recipient of so many beautiful and touching random acts of kindness the past week. It’s my turn to pass it on.

We made my mom and another single friend a heaping plate and left them on our doorstep for pickup. Once she was home, Mom video-called to watch us open our Easter cards and gifts.

Easter in quarantine

We Are all in This Together

After dinner, we took our dessert to our backyard and had a cozy fire. We are so fortunate to have lovely neighbours who sat out in their own yards and chatted with us over the fence. Even just a little bit of socializing can do wonders for the soul right now.

Easter in quarantine

Each week they leave us a new message in their window reminding us that we’re in this thing together.

Another mom came out on her deck to wave hello and wish us a Happy Easter. It is a beautiful thing to see how this pandemic is bringing many of us closer together, even from a distance.

I’ll never forget our first Quarantine Easter, but I certainly hope it was our last.

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