My Personal West Coast Women’s Show Highlight Reel

Shopping and samples and eye candy, oh my!

The West Coast Women’s Show returned to Abbotsford last weekend, attracting women of all ages to this popular event in ‘the Valley.’

I always attend with my mom and two daughters, but this year we decided to leave my little Valley girls at home with Daddy. As much as I love spending time with them, it was SO NICE to be able to take our time AND carry on a conversation. Such luxuries as a mom, hey?

From indulging in a little retail therapy and samples to getting to know some exceptionally talented ‘mompreneurs’ here in the Fraser Valley, here are the top 4 favourite things on my personal West Coast Women’s Show Highlight Reel.

West Coast Women's Show

1- The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you probably know I spend a lot of time hanging out with my mom. She’s an incredible lady and nana to my two girls, but this original Valley Mom is also my best friend. We always have so much fun together – especially at the West Coast Women’s Show. It also turns out that we happen to have very similar tastes, so if she gets something that I have my eye on, I know there’s a pretty good chance I’ll get to borrow it sometime.

It’s also refreshing to do something a little different from the tired ol’ dinner and a movie routine, you know?

West Coast Women's Show

2- Retail Therapy

I love that this event is like one big treasure hunt — especially that the majority of products are made by hand and with lots of love, including the adorable teething necklaces above by Glitter & Spice that are shaped like cookies. We are over the baby years, but these would make great shower or holiday gifts for some new moms I know.

Jewelry was a big theme at the booths this year. There was everything from eclectic pieces made from recycled materials like pop bottles and bullet casings to the most adorable miniature tea pot and saucer rings.


Below: Devi Arts Collective exclusively works with artists and artisans who create high quality and unique textiles, gemstones, beads, jewellery, fashions and household items using sustainable fair trade materials sourced from all over the globe.


3- Getting to Know the Artisans & Vendors

Friday wasn’t too busy, which gave us the opportunity to chat with some of the artisans and vendors – to really get to know the person behind the product. Below: One of the co-owners of Divine Addictions was an absolute pleasure to meet. I discovered that this Langley mom, along with her adult daughter, create a line of skin care products in Langley and give partial proceeds to addiction programs here in the community.  Isn’t that amazing?


I also really enjoyed meeting Kelsi, the owner of Brass & Unity at her booth (see below). After serving in Afghanistan on the front lines, this down-to-Earth White Rock mommas was diagnosed with PTSD and was forced to return home. Her new chapter is her unique jewelry line Brass & Unity, which manufactures necklaces and bracelets from previously fired shell casings, then unites a portion with veterans who need our help.


4- The Sample Factor

My sober summer challenge was so amazing that it has extended into the fall, so there was no visit to the craft beer & wine section this time around. However, we both really enjoyed the different tastings over at the Nature’s Fare table, including green smoothies and vitamin drinks. One of the men manning the booth informed me that the dark circles under my eyes and lack of pinkness on my water line is a strong indication of having low iron, which honestly, is something that I had been worried about for weeks.


This magical bottle of FLORADIX that I picked up at the show has been a real game changer. Almost instantly, I noticed the dark circles vanish from under my eyes, which I had chalked up to being in my mid-30’s. I also have more energy and don’t crash and burn at 6 p.m. as per usual. Had it not been for the West Coast Women’s Show, I’d still have my raccoon eyes.


We missed the entertainment and speakers this year, but still had a fantastic mother-daughter night out in ‘the Valley.’ Were you there? Tell us what you enjoyed most below!


Disclaimer: While all opinions expressed are my own, this was a sponsored post.

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