Playland Takes Family Fun to New Heights

For B.C. families, it just isn’t summer without a visit to Canada’s oldest amusement park – Playland.

In fact, it has been a tradition for as long as I can remember, and it’s one that I have passed down to my own children.

Even after all these years, I can still remember that feeling of giddy anticipation upon seeing the iconic wooden Coaster from a distance as my mom pulled up onto Hastings Street, while the sweet aroma of mini donuts and kettle corn would waft into her little Toyota Tercel.

My younger brother and I would pull mom’s arm, heading straight for the swings and ride on repeat.

Mom always knew she was in it for the long hall, but never seemed to mind…. Or at least if she did, she never let on.


Now that I’m a mother, I love experiencing that feeling all over again with Jason and our girls, Molly, 8, and Zoe, 6.

Recently, we decided to do a family fun day at Playland after hearing about the three new Family Rides that have been added.

While there are still the classic kiddie rides, like the boats, motorcycles and airplanes that go around a track, new family oriented rides have been added, including  The FlutterbyeDizzy Drop, and Bug Whirled.

Here’s the scoop on these Family Friendly attractions:


The Flutterbye

It’s colourful, it’s cute, and it takes family fun to new heights. Zoe and Jason had fun peddling through the clouds, flapping their wings.



Dizzy Drop

Of all the rides at Playland, both new and old, this was my girls’ favourite. Even after finishing off a snow cone and hot dog, they had no issue taking the plunge on the towering Dizzy Drop. Oh, to be young and have a stomach of steel, hey?



Bug Whirled

This mild and magical mini coaster is my personal favourite new ride. It’s the perfect combo of fun and adorbs.
What we loved about these new additions is that parents are encouraged to ride with their children AND they didn’t make me feel like I was going to lose my lunch…. Or my mind.

Since our visit, I’ve had several parents messaging me, asking for some tips about taking their children to Playland this summer. Here’s what we told them:


1-Plan Your Visit Accordingly

Make sure you’re prepared for your summer of fun by purchasing a season or day pass online or at retailers, and save up to $5 compared to purchasing at the gate. Admission to Playland gives you access to over 30 rides and attractions, including three new family rides! PLUS this year, Pacific Adventure Golf is now included FREE with admission!

2- Get an Early Head Start

If possible, plan to arrive at Playland for 10 a.m. when lines are non-existent and the temperature is forgiving. Let’s face it, long lines and too much sun can result in cranky kiddies AND parents. We found we were able to hit up all the rides and left satisfied just after lunch.

3- Be Sun Smart

This is a no-brainer, but sunscreen is an absolute must – even on cloudy days. Option for hats that have a strap or tightly fitting ball cap that will stay on.

4- Foolproof Footwear

Skip the flip-flops – there’s a chance you could lose them. Trust me on this one. Option for comfortable running shoes you’re unlikely to lose in case you find yourself hanging upside down, which is a good possibility at Playland.

5- Save Money on Food

Rent a locker so you can tote a cooler packed with water, snacks and sandwiches.

6- Invite the Grandparents

Want to ride the coaster with your significant other but can’t because someone has to watch the kiddies? That’s where Grandma comes in handy!



Playland is open, daily, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Aug. 18. The annual Fair at the PNE starts Aug. 19.

For more information, visit www.pne.ca/playland.

Psst…. Parents can save $3 per daily admission or $5 for a season pass by purchasing online: https://inc.ticket-ops.com/Playland/eDirect.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Playland.

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