Reliving the 90’s at Abbotsford Centre

Some of my fondest memories come from the decade of Doc Marten boots, plaid shirts, oversized cellphones, chocolate brown lip liner and fanny packs.

I spent hours upon hours in my bedroom, over-plucking my eyebrows into needle-thin arches while my little white ghetto blaster pumped out Salt N Pepa, TLC and Nirvana – just to name a few of my throwback faves.

Last Saturday night, I felt I had been transported back in time around 22 years, minus the braces with hot pink rubber band, as I pulled up to Abbotsford Centre with my blogging bestie, Jennifer Erickson from the Lower Mainland Children’s Directory. We were about to experience the ultimate throwback to our awkward teenage years — the I LOVE THE 90’s TOUR.

Hundreds of men and women, the majority in their mid-to-late thirties (obviously all fellow children of the best era ever) came dressed to IMPRESS in their own interpretation of 90’s attire. It was just like being back in high school with all the different ‘cliques.’

There were the prepsters with the nostalgic look made famous by the movie Clueless — I’m talking about the little plaid skirts, body suits and thigh-highs, paired with boots. Next, I spied the grunge guys and gals with the token plaid shirts tied strategically around their waists (I was one of them). And let’s not forget the glitzy glamsquad: think sky-high heels, pleather leggings and shoulder shrugging metallic tops that could be spotted a mile away.

Even before stepping inside the building, you could really feel the festive vibes and energy — I knew it was going to be a great girls’ night out.

Jennifer invited me as a guest for her own personal suite she had rented with friends that evening, which overlooked the stage and was like our very own little party.

I had no idea that the Abbotsford Centre has 20 Luxury Suites and 15 Loge Boxes located on the third level of the venue that can be rented out. There are also two hospitality suites that can be rented for larger groups of 20-28 guests. All suites include in-suite attendant, hot and cold food menu items and bar services. This is a great option if you’re planning to attend a show with a group of friends and able to split the cost.

Let me tell you, it was a good thing I decided to go grunge and wear my Converse kicks as there was never a chance to sit down. In between the acts, which included the ultimate 90s lineup: Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa with Spinderella, Color Me Badd, All 4 One, Rob Base and Young MC, there was a DJ on stage who spun classic 90s rap, hip hop and R&B in between sets that we just had to dance to.

I Love the 90's Tour

Photo Dark Works.

Before Salt N Pepa came on stage to belt out their chart-topping hits like “Let’s Talk About Sex,” “Shoop,” and “Push It,” they told the audience that they weren’t at any regular concert — that they were at a Salt N Pepa Experience. They weren’t kidding.

I Love the 90's Tour

Photo Dark Works.

Throughout the night, audience members were invited to join the acts on stage in a huge interactive dance party. It was like Valley Moms’ gone wild. I was a little jealous I wasn’t one of them!

And since some of the singers only had a few hits back in the 90’s, the also sang some cover songs of popular artists like Vanilla Ice, who got the women going with his rendition of Pony by Ginuwine.

Vanilla Ice

Photo Dark Works.

Seriously, this was one of the most entertaining concerts I’ve been to in a really long time. I really LOVED that it was here in the Valley, and am looking forward to attending I Love the 90s Tour Continues on July 8. Want to join me next time?

I Love the 90's Tour

Jennifer Erickson photos: We were so excited to run into Connie Peters from Modern Mama (far left) and have her join our little dance party.

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When: July 8, 2017

Where: Abbotsford Centre, 33800 King Rd.

Tickets: (incl. GST) $39.50, $59.50, $69.50, $89.50 (Plus FMF & Service Charges). The first concert sold out fast, so make sure to get yours ASAP for round 2.


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