Single at 60!

I was not in any way looking forward to turning the dreaded 6-0 back in August.

Forty was a tough one — this milestone seemed unimaginable.

I told my family not to make a big fuss about my birthday this year and said ‘Absolutely NO surprise party!’

At that time, I was what you could say ‘stuck in a rut.’ I was in a long-term relationship that just was not going anywhere, and was not working for either one of us….

I was miserable.

While I have always put other’s first, I have never really sat down to contemplate what it is that makes me happy.

With that being said, I took a long hard look at my relationship and could not take one more year, month, week or a single day.

I got to that point where I knew I would be so much happier having my place to myself and knew it was time to embrace the next chapter.

With my 60th birthday being one month away, I decided to turn it around and make it my best year ever. I listened to my inner voice and the first thing I did was end my “not going anywhere” relationship of 16 years.  My birth sign is Leo, and Leo’s are known to be very loyal and committed and have a lot of tolerance until you piss them off.  That’s exactly how my relationship ended. I was at the end of my rope, so to speak.I held up my two fingers to my ex and said:

“You have exactly two weeks!  Two weeks to get the hell out of here!”

It was so unlike me. I wondered ‘who was I turning in to?’ All I knew was that by the time I turned 60, I wanted to be really happy and surrounded by positive people that I love.  Life passes by too quickly to be unhappy and this Leo has so much more living to do.

single at 60

I now have my place to myself and am happier than I could ever have imagined.  I can finally enjoy having my family and friends over for dinners and get togethers, and of course my two adorable granddaughters, who are welcome to stay at nana’s ( mostly), whenever they like.

single at 60

My quaint little condo is now my own sanctuary, adorned with a variety of new pillows for the couch, candles, pictures, etc.  It finally feels like home.

Are you on verge of turning 60? Trust me, it’s not as bad as it seems.

Actually, it’s quite fabulous and comes with plenty of perks. The first and foremost is, I now get my CPP now and it’s wonderful to look forward to an extra payment deposited into my account every month. I took my granddaughter’s swimming the other day and was welcomed with a senior’s family discount, which I never would have expected.

Did you know on Thursdays at Shopper’s Drug Mart, when you turn 55 you get 20% off of anything in the store that’s regular price?

I also joined my daughter’s gym (Inspire Fitness in Walnut Grove) and they give a 50% discount to women 60+.

I’ll be honest, I have never considered myself a writer, and only recently became familiar to what blogging is all about, thanks to my daughter (Valley Mom). So, when she asked me if I’d like to be a regular contributor, I was a little hesitant. But you know what? This new me, this 60-year-old better version, is ready to embrace the unknown and enjoy whatever adventures come my way.

single at 60

From cooking and travel tips to embracing the single life and adventuring around the Fraser Valley with my grandchildren, I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Having recently turned 60, I've decided to turn up the fun factor in my life and pursue all my passions. This includes travelling, cooking healthy and nutritious meals for myself, friends and family, home decor, spending quality time with my grandchildren, gardening and keeping fit.


  • Andrew

    September 15, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    As one just a tad senior than thee …..but not a mom, it only gets better, a loving family in support, hobbies to involve, and a cadre of “friends” all help.
    Janine you are fortunate having the above, a lot don’t, and are steeped in resentment and hatred for their previous lives, which at some point were oh so “perfect”. Remember the good, cherish them, and move along the path you choose today.
    My perspective is ….we all need a closeness, an intimate oneness, a special someone.
    I love your happiness, elegance, and beautiful voice that delights us all.

    • Janine Cahill

      September 16, 2018 at 1:09 pm

      Thanks so much for your kind words Andrew! I’m definitely going through a transition in my life and it’s all for the better. I never dreamed I could be so content as I am now and feel so fortunate to have my family and great friends by my side. They say every in life happens at the right time and for a reason. I’ve come to get to know myself better than I ever have, it’s all fabulous darling!




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