#Spring30for30 Challenge

You know that fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day?

I have that. Big time.

It’s such a shame because my closet is filled with lots of great pieces that I’ve been saving for a special event or outing – many have never even seen the light of day.

Instead, I rely on my trusty SAHM uniform: yoga pants, tank top, running shoes, zip-up hoodie and messy top knot.

What’s my excuse? Well, other than dropping my girls off at school in the morning, nobody really sees what I look like… except for the dog and the lady at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru window. Come on, Is it really all that important that I look put together and fashionable sitting at home in front of my laptop all alone? I could (and have many times) just throw a big jacket over my flannel PJ top, skip the bra, and nobody would ever know.

When I do get dolled up, I like to go ALL OUT. I’m talking sky-high heels, false lashes for days, hair extensions and all that jazz. Finding some sort of middle ground with the way I present myself has been a real challenge.

Over Spring Break, I did a major overhaul of my wardrobe – an exercise that helped me to realize why I don’t bother with fashion between 9-5, Monday to Friday.  The truth is, I have a vast collection of gym-wear, novelty concert t’s and bar tops. Why didn’t anyone tell me that I look like I’ve been stuck in 2009 for the past 7 years?

It’s time for a change, which is why I’ve jumped on board the #Spring30for30 challenge for the month of April with a handful of other blogging friends.

Here’s how it works:

You get to choose 30 items of clothing to wear for the month and make a new outfit each and every day.  Note: shoes, workout gear or accessories are not included in this total.

In addition to forcing you to rediscover what you already own in your wardrobe, this is a challenge in creativity. I’m actually pretty excited to get started. One thing I should tell you is that I’m a thrift store addict. I’d estimate that around 85% of the pieces I’ve chosen for this challenge are from second hand stores here in the Fraser Valley. Ain’t no shame in the money saving game!

The 3o pieces I’ve chosen include:

3 – pairs of skinny jeans

1- pair of black dressy capris pants

1 -pair of mint green capris

3- cardigan sweaters

3 – camisole/tanks

4 -dresses

2- long-sleeve blouses

2- vintage-style casual t-shirts

2- sleveless peplum tops

3- short-sleeve sweaters

6- tops

Here’s my look for Day 1


Want to follow along? I’ll be posting periodically through Facebook and Instagram. VM’s Instagram handle is @TheValleyMom.

Here are some of the other bloggers that are taking on this challenge! Please join us and just tag your Instagram with #Spring30for30.


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