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Thank you for voting ValleyMom.ca one of the top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogs

I’m not one for entering contests, so I really felt outside of my comfort zone asking for your votes.

However, I’m glad I took the risk – our little slice of cyberspace was voted the runner-up out of the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers for 2015.

This is how it felt to receive the news.



When I launched ValleyMom.ca two years ago, I had no clue it would turn into such a passion, or even a part-time job for that matter. I love raising my family out here in ‘the Valley’ and blogging about all our adventures.


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From spending an evening with paranormal investigators at a haunted local landmark and taking a private helicopter tour with the hubs to facing my fears with a river rafting trip, this blogging gig has proved to be more exciting than I ever imagined.

And while the outings are incredible, it’s all the people I have connected with these past two years, both online and off, that has made the experience the most memorable.

Speaking of connecting, that is hands-down my favourite part of being nominated as one of the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers. Through this process, I’ve discovered so many awesome local blogs and have made a few new friends along the way.




For myself, meeting the first place winner, Michaela Ekanow, from over  www.michaelaevanow.com was a definitely an honour.

If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, I recommend visiting it when you can. She is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever come across in a long time.



This Vancouver mom blogs about the messy, salty glory of motherhood, grief and their journey with Spinal Muscular Atrophy 1. Michaela’s daughter, Florence, was diagnosed with SMA at 3.5 months.



There was also a fashion show with some gorgeous models (all fellow mommy bloggers). Above is Jamie Khau from Styling the Inside. She’s another amazing blogger that is making some big waves online. Jami is just as genuine in person as she is online.


There was also lots of  nibbles, mingling and bubbly — the latter helped alleviate any nervousness.

Blogging can be isolating at times, so it was really refreshing to connect face-to-face with like-minded women. I know I can be shy and socially awkward among strangers at the best of times, but I think many of us were feeling a bit out of our element. Let’s face it, most of us bloggers spend a lot of time in our PJ’s, hiding behind a screen.

All of a sudden, you’re thrown into a social situation with strangers — it can be nerve wrecking.

Thankfully, I had Jami Savage from over at Adventure Awaits as my date. She’s definitely more outgoing than I am, and she had no problem keeping the conversation flowing.

Even if we haven’t conversed in person yet, know that every single like, comment and share goes recognized and is truly appreciated.


And here we are, your top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers for 2015



As you can see, blogging is very serious business 😉

Even if I didn’t mention their names or blogs, all of these women are so inspiring. You can check them all out individually below:

Alana Pace, Parenting From the Heart

Alisha Enid, Alisha Enid

Alison Tedford, Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops

Angela Robertson, Rock ‘n Rattle

Bethany Schiedel, Images by Bethany

Bonnie Way, Koala Bear Writer

Codi Lynn, Creative Wife + Joyful Worker

Connie Peters, Modern Mama

Danielle Ciavarro, Smelly Danielly

Delza Hoeberg, Wildly Mine

Janna Denton-Howes of Growing Marriage

Jacqueline and Juliana, Two Fun Moms

Janette Shearer, Vancity Mommy D

Joelle Walker, Kid Hangover

Karen Barre, Spill it Mom

Karen Owen, Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog

Kate Muker, Kate Muker

Krista Ewert, One Beautiful Life

Lyndsay Sung, Coco Cake Land

Margery Healey, The Compassionate Parent Coach

Mary Kastle, Wizard Wear and Mary Kastle

Michaela Evanow, Micheala Evanow

Nina Gonzalez, Nina on the Moon

Scarlett Ballantyne, Pretty Pinteresting

Shelli Nishino-Fayle, How’s it Going Eh?

Sherri Brown, Project Bearings

Stephanie Small, Meet The Smallsens

Tara Jensen, BC Mom

Tracey Kofoed, My House of Giggles

Also, a big thank you to Vancouver Mom’s Christine Pilkington for organizing the party and awards.

One of Vancouver’s top Mom Bloggers, Kristyl Clark is a work-at-home mom of two little Valley girls proving there is nothing bland about the burbs. Her adventurous family seems to always be out on some sort of crazy quest, from helicopter rides and wild river rafting, to top-secret paranormal investigations and living the high-life sampling the fine wines and foods of the Fraser Valley region. The ValleyMom.ca blog inspires her loyal fanbase through the trials and tribulations of suburban family living, guiding readers to local hotspots and hidden gems in her Canadian backyard


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