The Honeybee Centre: Discover Surrey’s Sweet Spot

The Honeybee Centre may just be the sweetest spot in Surrey, but it also offers a savory side.

While the bustling family hot spot, located at 7480 176 St, is known for bringing the amazing world of the honeybee to the general public, it’s also home to a ‘Beestro’ that incorporates the delicious sticky golden stuff in it’s menu.

From delicious paninis and fresh salads to homemade baked treats, the eatery is proving popular with patrons from all over the Fraser Valley.

Wanting to see and taste for myself what all the buzz is about, I recently brought my mom and girls on a tour of the centre. We learned about the fine art of bee keeping, toured the facility and let our taste buds take flight.

The Honeybee Centre

My little queen bees enjoyed learning how honey was made from the resident bee keeper —  there was even a chance to get a close look at the honeycombs.

A brave staff member described the delicate work of a beekeeper while  opening up and inspecting a real honeybee colony.

Fortunately for us, there was no risk of being stung as we watched in amazement from behind glass in the open-air covered pergola.

The Honeybee Centre

Following the presentation and demonstration, we had a chance to explore Honeybee Centre’s store, which is filled with all kinds of treasures. One will find everything from natural honeybee products such as specialty honey, pollen and nutritional supplements to natural soap and beeswax candles.

After our tour, we had all worked up quite the appetite. It was time to relax in the modern greenhouse dining room and try out the honey-inspired menu at Fry’s Beestro, which included a refreshing glass of honey lemonade, paninis and a crisp salad with a honey vinaigrette.


The entire restaurant went quiet during dinner — a good sign that everyone was thoroughly enjoying their food. My girls ate two whole sandwiches and then ‘bee-lined’ it for the desserts.


Dining in the Beestro is a truly a treat for all the senses.  You can watch the beekeepers come and go throughout the day with honey and forklifts in tow or see a live beekeeping demonstration from the comfort of your seat.

The food is simple, fresh and just the perfect balance of both sweet and savory.



Honeybee Centre is located at the corner of 176th Street and Fraser Highway (Fry’s Corner) in Surrey, BC. For more information, visit www.honeybeecentre.com or call 1-877-975-2337.


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