My Top 5 Childhood Movies

With daddy out at a movie for the evening, I figured it was the perfect opportunity for a much-needed girls-night-in.

After gathering the proper necessities – popcorn,PJ’s, Shirley Temples and glittery nail polish–we snuggled on the couch and waded through our entertainment options in our DVD collection. It didn’t take long before I came across one of my favourite childhood movies – Drop Dead Fred!



Unless you spent the 90s’ hiding under a rock you’ve probably seen it. The fantasy cult film stars a young girl with an overbearing mother who has a chaotic imaginary friend. It’s not exactly the stuff that Oscar award-winning flicks are made of, but it’s a lot of fun to watch.

While the girls enjoyed the film, I felt like a BAD MOMMY when my Molly turned to me and innocently asked, “What’s a bitch mommy?”

Mother of the year right over here people! Guess I should have double-checked the rating. Oops.

When you have children, everyone talks about how magical it is to experience life through their eyes. As a self-proclaimed ‘movie buff’ this especially rings true during family movie night. There are so many great films I’m going to get to enjoy again… some, maybe a little further down the road.

Here are five childhood faves I can’t wait to introduce to my girls: (warning: check ratings to determine if film is age appropriate or risk having to explain the odd four-letter word or nightmares from an aging rockstar sporting spandex).

1. Adventures in Babysitting

adventures in baby


I’ve probably seen this classic about one-zillion times, but who’s counting? Elizabeth Shue stars in this zany film about babysitting gone bad in the big city. While I’ve babysat plenty of times back in my day, none of my gigs were as exciting as the one high school senior Chris Parker endures after she is stood up by her douchey college boyfriend. No wonder she gets the ‘babysitting blues.’


2. Labyrinth




This movie produced by George Lucas and directed by Jim Henson both terrified and thrilled me as a young child. The film centers on the teenage Sara (Jennifer Connely) and goblin king (David Bowie) – Mr. Bowie still gives me the creeps. I’m still not sure what’s scarier– the eerie goblin puppets or his mullet/spandex combo? And seriously, who slaps a baby to make him pee?


3. The NeverEnding Story




I can still recall when this movie was so cutting edge, but when you watch it now it’s pretty cheesy. However, it’s still a great family flick – Molly loved it as much as I did as a kid. It is based on the the journey of Atreyu, a young man who goes on a truly bizarre journey that involves wizards, an odd yet endearing flying creature and talking rocks. Fantasies such as this one are a great distraction from everyday life and encourages little ones to read. What a novel concept!


4. The Chipmunk Adventure





Those hip little chipmunks were just as cool back in the ’80s as they are for kiddies today. Personally, I had a big fat crush on Alvin – come on, he had all the right moves for a squirrelly little chipmunk. Both of my girls have already viewed this with me several times and are big fans like their Valley momma! There are some seriously catchy tunes in this flick.


5. Flight of the Navigator


Flight of the Navigator


Another ’80s hit because, well… I was a child of the 80s! This family flick is age appropriate for both my girls and even features SJP before her Sex and the City stardom. Back when I was a wee Valley chickadee, I wished I could be abducted by a cool alien who lets be the navigator of his spaceship for the day. Little David is badass as he steers it on a voyage around the world. And who can forget the classic line of the movie “Hey blubo, ate too many Twinkies?”


And there you have it – a random roundup of my favourite childhood flicks! I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of great ones, so please tell me what your top childhood movies were?


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