#ValleyMomMakeover2016: Mind, Body & Soul


Most of us start each year with a resolution that we not only pledge to keep, but are excited to accomplish.

According to a recent poll from Ipsos, three in 10 (31%) of Canadians will set a New Year’s resolution, yet three-quarters (73%) eventually break them.

If you happen to be amongst the 26% of strong-willed resolution keepers, I applaud you. It’s not easy to be consistently good.

Over the years, I’ve made promises to myself that I would ditch that ‘last 10 pounds’ for good, cut out carbs and sugar, be more organized, get to sleep earlier, drink less coffee, etc. Ha!

But here I sit in my unorganized house with pants cutting off circulation to my brain, drinking my third cup of coffee, munching on some toast, staring at the half-empty wine bottles on our counter.

I’ve done my fair share of diets and cleanses over the years — some have been successful, most haven’t.

When I do meet my weight-loss goals, I feel amazing. However, it’s a fleeting feeling.

Yes, it’s nice to feel and look fit, but it’s not the end-all, be-all of happiness. Trust me, I know.

This past year I was the thinnest I’ve been in years, but the emptiest I’ve felt on the inside.

My anxiety levels were at an all-time peak and I could feel depression hanging over-head like a dark cloud.

The trendy term ‘Can’t Even’ was basically my mantra.

I guess when you spend hours in front of a computer screen, eating processed garbage and not exercising, it’s bound to happen.

I’m a strong believer in the mind/body connection. To look and feel great on the outside, you have to start within — and I’m not just talking about counting calories and hitting the treadmill.

Rather than setting another resolution I’m unlikely to keep, I am excited to embark on a mind, body and soul makeover (with a Fraser Valley focus, of course) to start the new year off right.

Here’s a list of what I’d like to accomplish & discover for 2016:

  1. Incorporate Vegan and more clean recipes into our regular meal rotation.
  2. I won’t step on the scale – not once. I’ll work out and eat healthy to feel better on the inside. Anything else is just a perk.
  3. Explore the great outdoors more with my family.
  4. Get up earlier before everyone else and write.
  5. Stop dressing like such a slob during the week.
  6. Stop the nightly bottle of vino habit.
  7. Have more fun in the kitchen using fresh local ingredients
  8. More date nights.
  9. More socializing face-t0-face, less Facebook.
  10. Finish the book I’m writing.

Want to join me? All you have to do is share your resolution updates on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter using the hashtag #valleymommakeover2016. There will be some exciting giveaways to help keep you motivated along the way to achieving your goals.

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Speaking of makeovers, you may have noticed ValleyMom.ca has undergone a little facelift starting with the layout and design. But that’s just scratching the surface. From now on, you can also expect a different theme for each month, more contests and locally inspired content. You’ll also be able to soon sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop of what’s happening in your own backyard.

If you have a product, service or business you think would be a great fit for this series (#valleymommakeover2016), I’d love to hear from you. Email shesavalleymom {at} yahoo.ca.

Have you made a New Year’s resolution for 2016? Please share below!

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