ValleyMom Takes Blogging to New Heights

Since becoming a blogger, I’ve managed to check several activities off my bucket list — a ride over the Fraser Valley via helicopter is one of them.

Of course, I nearly chickened out the night before fearing we’d crash and my children would be left motherless. Obviously my fears went unfounded since I am here to tell the tale of when I had the opportunity to take blogging to new heights thanks to SKY Helicopters.

It was outside of the Abbotsford Tradex that our pilot was waiting to whisk us off on an aerial adventure. By the time I managed to log into my Instagram account, we were already high in the sky — it’s nothing like the loud, slow takeoff of an airplane. It’s more like being in a little bubble.

Up, up and away we went.

Sky 2


Within minutes, all fears subsided and I began to relax and take in the spectacular bird’s-eye view below us. We zipped over the Fraser River, lush farmland all the subdivisions below — the latter looked just like toy houses.

Sky 3

As we reached Langley, I was even able to see our house and the Colossus movie theater (that’s the building below that has a big spaceship sitting on top).

Sky 1

We landed in Pitt Meadows at SKY Helicopter’s new Hangar. While it was still under construction at the time, it was exciting to see the 6,000 ft2 of exhibition space and find out what it will be used for.

sky pic


Since my visit, the hangar is up and running. From weddings to industry events, it’s an amazing place for a party. The 60x15ft hangar door allows for dramatic and easy access for private jets, helicopters and limousines.

A huge thank you to SKY Helicopters for the sweet ride over ‘the Valley.’ Next on my bucket list is to check out one of their Wine Tours. Hint, hint Jason 😉

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a blogger for flightseeing experiences and exclusive bucket-list adventures. It’s also more affordable than you’re probably thinking — especially if you book one of their Discover Flights, which are a quick 5-minute trip. Check out SKY’s new hangar and experience a Discover Flight on Saturday, Sept. 12. Details below:

Location:SKY HANGAR (Click for directions


Times: 11AM – 1PM

Your flight departs from SKY Helicopters new base of operations at the bustling Pitt Meadows Airport. After lifting off you take in sights of the Fraser Valley, Barnston Island on the Fraser and the Golden Ears suspension bridge.

SKY Helicopters began as the dream of successful business entrepreneur Andrew Westlund and experienced Chief Pilot John Faulkner.  Together they crafted a vision for a helicopter company that understands the value of world class service, meticulously maintained aircraft and the importance of a team that helps you realize your dreams.   Tour the amazing views of Vancouver and the Coastal Mountains, arrive in style at your wedding, impress your clients with a lunch flight, tour wine growing regions or make your next event one that will always be remembered!

For more information, visit www.skyhelicopters.ca


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