Watch the Stars Under the Stars at Twilight Drive-In

As one of only three remaining outdoor theatres in B.C., the Twilight Drive-in, located in Aldergrove, is the ultimate blast to the past for all ages.

The theatre, which is set to reopen for the season tonight (February 23) , offers movie-goers new released features every weekend, traditional goodies in the lobby like popcorn, soda, hot dogs, candy, etc. — and perhaps the ultimate butter on the popcorn is the classic intermission jingle that is always met with happy honks ‘let’s all go to the lobby.’

Owner Jay Daulat, who runs the popular attraction with his family, went digital a few years back, offering higher quality picture and sound for motoring moviegoers.

“The picture is superb — far better than on film,” said Daulat, who opened the Twilight Drive-In back in 2005. Previously, the Port Moody resident ran the Hillcrest Drive-In in Cloverdale for nine years.

twilight drive-in

And while there’s no doubt traditional indoor movie theatres have their perks, the drive-in provides a great bang for the buck as well as a truly unique experience under the stars. Where else can you go catch a flick in your PJ’s?

“It’s great value, especially for families because we run two shows a night for the same price as one show at a regular movie theatre,” said Daulat.

“There’s also that social aspect… that bond for family and friends to all go together.”

For anyone worried their beloved outdoor theatre could be facing a permanent curtain call like all the others, Daulat said they don’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon.

“We will be here until I go to the projection room in the sky!”

So grab your significant other, bring along the kiddies, a cozy blanket and prepare to watch the stars under the stars in the comfort of your vehicle.

The Twilight Drive-In is located at 260 St. and Fraser Hwy. For more information, visit their website here, or call 604-856-5063.



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